Car Wash Pro Designers and New Path Construction Proudly Announce Partnership

This new partnership focuses on the development of car wash facilities in North America, a growing industry, with special focus on the express car wash program, reports Chicago, IL – April 3,...

This new partnership focuses on the development of car wash facilities in North America, a growing industry, with special focus on the express car wash program, reports

Chicago, IL – April 3, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ —

The Car Wash Association estimates there are approximately 80,000 automated car wash facilities in North America and more than 2 billion cars are washed using these facilities each year. Sadly, many of these locations were built by general contractors not familiar with the car wash industry and customers are the ones who suffer. Car Wash Pro Designers is looking to change that and is proud to announce they are partnering with New Path Construction and Consulting to ensure these facilities meet the needs of consumers in every way.

“New Path brings more than 75 years of construction experience to the partnership and specializes in building gas stations. As many of these stations have a car wash on site, they are familiar with what is needed to make a great facility. We are proud to partner with them as we move into the future where more individuals will make use of these locations to have their vehicles cleaned,” the customer care team at Car Wash Pro Designers explains.

One way the construction firm will be of great help to Car Wash Pro Designers is in the expansion of the firm’s popular $3 Express Car Wash Development Program. The company is a luxury brand that provides a luxury car wash experience for less. While the competition typically charges $9 to $15 for this service, Car Wash Pro Designers offers ‘spoiled luxury’ for only $3 to $12. The partners are already constructing multiple units and consumers will be able to see how they benefit from these designs in the near future. Thanks to the upturn in the economy over the past two years, more of these facilities will be needed in the future and the partners are ready to provide them.

“Fewer people have the time or energy to wash their vehicle at home and need a convenient way to have this task carried out. However, it is frustrating when they visit a facility that has not been designed with their needs in mind, as the process is not faster. We are looking to change this in the future, so everyone can clean their car at their convenience without a great deal of hassle,” the customer care team continues.

To be successful, a facility must provide the customer with consumer, speed, and value. Both partners understand this and ensure they provide these three elements for every customer visiting one of their sites. The process is very comprehensive to ensure this is the case.

“Visit our website and see the gallery to get a better understanding of our work. Here you view car wash projects in progress. Once you understand how thorough we are in creating and constructing the perfect facility, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you get your new car wash up and running in the shortest time possible,” the customer care team states.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Car Wash Pro Designers team,” explains Adam Garcia, New Path’s Chief Executive Officer. “Their tenacity and attention to detail mirrors our client-centric approach and will only enhance our ability to service both new and existing clients.”

About Car Wash Pro Designers:

Car Wash Pro Designers provides renovation or turnkey car wash solutions for discerning business investors and entrepreneurs.

About New Path Construction and Consulting, LLC:

New Path Construction and Consulting is an industry-leading general contractor focused on the end-to-end construction and development experience. For more information, visit

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