The NP Sanitation team was formed to help disinfect and sanitize offices and other commercial sites throughout the Chicagoland market.  New Path wants to be part of the solution and will be using its existing infrastructure and indirect labor forces in these efforts.  The New Path Research team has studied the CDC’s recommended procedures and will do everything possible to adhere to those procedures and product lists.
What makes the New Path Sanitizing Team different?


The New Path Research team has identified the recommended products and chemicals meant to kill common influenza and Covid-19 viruses.  NP Sanitizing has instituted a proprietary sourcing effort to procure the best available products in the fight against surface-lingering viruses. 


NP Sanitizing will be following the cleaning procedures and processes detailed by the CDC.  While no cleaning process can be 100% effective in the fight against viruses and germs, NP Sanitizing will do its best to give its clients the comfort they need as they walk into the workplace.


NP Sanitizing utilizes an internally developed operations manual which ensures successful projects.  Similar to New Path Construction’s approach, NP Sanitizing prides itself on preparation, research and performance.

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