About New Path

“We are in the process of building 25 car washes nationwide and have selected New Path as our Partner to bring these washes to life! The experience with them has been unparalleled and they have exceeded every expectation of ours.” – Car Wash Client

Our Story

New Path was established as a solution to the many issues that exist in the commercial construction and development space. Our team of Private Equity professionals spent the early parts of their careers buying, building, and selling companies around the world. In this vein, they were continuously dealing with the expansion and construction challenges faced by modern day developers and business owners. After countless issues on their projects, the team realized that the construction landscape needed an overhaul.

Over the next year, New Path Construction and Consulting was created. Our goal was to create a “New Path” for anyone needing commercial construction services. With the help of the nation’s premier scholars and business professionals, we created our Internal Success Framework (the New Path Way). We focus on helping our clients in all aspects of the construction process (financing, city approvals, tenant identification, design, construction, etc). Dealmakers by nature, we frequently help our clients by connecting them with our network. New Path has assembled over $150M in proprietary deals since its inception.